Leave your competition behind

At Firestorm Digital we take the guesswork out of transitioning into digital strategies and marketing – to give you a headstart over your competitors that they can’t catch up to.

  • Harness digital technology to raise your companies performance
  • Leverage digital marketing to get more clients
  • Implement digital strategies to be on top of your industry.

serve customers and clients better

make your teams more effective and efficient

eliminate the guesswork

Are you about to be left behind?

As you are reading this your competitors are developing and deploying new strategies to take away market share from you and to gain market dominance.

The digital marketplace provides many opportunities. But as many as there are for success – there are that many for mistakes.  We are going to help you transition from where you are now to achieve competitive advantage and to dominate your market.

Getting overtaken by competition

Has your competitor become more innovative and customer centric than you and are you missing out?

Overwhelmed by Opportunities

The digital universe is constantly changing and growing. No wonder you are paralyzed by analysis or simply inaction. 

Losing momentum

Once strong and a driving factor the companies vision now has become undynamic and less inspiring. Time to shift gears again.

Becoming just “another company”

Right now your competitor is developing and deploying strategies to take your customers away from you. And one day you are so far behind that you won’t be able to catch up to your competitors

One day the world we know will be taken over by technology. At Firestorm Digital We live and breathe digital transformation to provide you with the competitive advantage you need to unleash your performance.

As your sparring partner we challenge you to think outside the box, connect the dots, communicate powerfully, leverage sophisticated strategies and technology and become a leader in your category.

Stop playing by the rules – Create them

If you want to be the leader in your industry you don’t just have to be ahead of the game. 

You need to (re)invent it. 

And you can only do that if you understand how you can leverage digital technology and strategies to your advantage.

Raise Performance
Shorten Time to Succes
Outsmart your Competitors – don’t Outspend them

It’s time to leverage digital technology to your advantage


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Transform your models, marketing and mindset


Outsmart your competition and become the leader in your industry

Don't take our word for it

Trusted by Other Leaders

“The team behind Firestorm Digital has worked their a**es off in order to make our virtual customer event possible. Together we pulled it off and marked a milestone in our company's history.”
Max Raber | CEO of ELO Digital Office
“Firestorm Digital has been a strategic partner for years in our mission to advance further as a fully digital accounting firm. They are assisting in technological objectives as well as in generating more revenue for our company”
Daniela Hornaus | CEO .mc group
Alexander Gerner progressive
“Our goal was to move our international training program into the digital ecosphere to reach a bigger audience and improving the process. Together with Firestorm Digital we mapped out the entire process and made it happen. Impossible if we would have embarked on this journey on our own.”
Alexander Gerner | Founder
Whitebox-LoRes-5_daniela1 (1)
“After implementing the strategies we developed together with Firestorm Digital we improved our performance more than 75% whilst increasing customer satisfaction. That gave us the competitive edge we wanted.”
Daniela Höllerbauer | CEO of Whitebox

What do you want to achieve?

Ignite the flame

You know how to deliver results but you are missing out on a huge potential of clients and performance improvements by not leveraging digital marketing and technology fully?

Fuel the fire

Your clients are overtaking you on the left and the right and you are not tapping fully into the full potential of the market the digital universe has to offer?

Unleash the storm

Everything has changed and you want to create a new and stronger vision for your business, your teams and yourself? You need clarity to guide through the mist of confusion and inspire others to follow you in those uncertain times? 

Technology, just as your competition, isn't waiting for you

Leverage digital strategy and technology that enables you to achieve competitive advantage.

Don't wait before it's to late to catch up!

We give you the Headstart you need

We are going to accelerate your time to get to that point where you are in control of those technologies, systems, structures and strategies that will enable you to outsmart your competitors – instead of having to outspend them.


Firestorm Digital helps business owners achieve true, sustainable competitive advantage, and become leaders in their categories.

Our unique Business Sparringpartner approach quickly develops and deploys the strategies and tactics you need to out-smart your competitors, not out-spend them – growing your market share quickly and cost-effectively.

We take the guesswork out of transitioning into, and optimizing your marketing and strategy across all digital channels to gain a headstart over your competitors that they can’t catch up to.

Don't let your competition outsmart you - Take Action Today